This year, FoKus is the home base of the ski touring festival. Be there!
Take a look at our packages too: nice rooms, great food - feel good at a fair price.
The FoKus team is looking forward to seeing you!

Alpenbutler, FoKus N'Cyan
Illustration von einem Hotel-Zimmer mit einem Bett, Dekoration, einer Lampe und einem Touristen

Our packages

Rooms to feel at ease




Our rooms provide a comfortable space for you to relax, chill and recharge your batteries after going on exciting adventures in the Defereggental, visiting our Digi-Showroom or having a productive workday. Take your time, explore our spa and experience the culinary pleasures we offer for all visiting epicures, adventurers, researchers, philosophers and people who want to make the world a better place.